Bed-clothes for kids. We are sewing ourselves

There are several reasons why it is very good to sew children’s bed linen singly.

  1. You can realize your creative ideas.
  2. To this work, you can attract the baby and it will bring joy to both.
  3. Things that you produce will have their own selfdom.

So there it is, start!

First of all, you need to decide what material is better to use.

Some words about the textile for children’s bed linen

  1. It is made of cotton. The fabric is suitable for sewing summer sets of children’s bed linen. It is cheap, airy, well washable and quick-drying cloth. Most often printed with small or large drawings of flowers.
  2. Coarse calico. It is also made of cotton. This fabric is dense, does not wear out for a long time, can withstand a large number of washes, but at the same time, it is soft and pleasant to the body. It is not allergenic. From this dress material, you can sew sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.
  3. It is good to sew a sheet from this fabric, this sheet can be completed with a duvet cover and a pillowcase of calico.

So the material is picked up.

Now come up with a style

  1. A pillowcase can be sewn, as usual, envelope. But the sides of the envelope you can make multi-coloured (take fabric of different colors, well combined with each other)
  2. Round corners at a sheet and don’t put an elastic band on the sheep (there will be usual consumer goods. Clothe it oblique bake or knitted braid in tone with one side of the pillowcase.
  3. The duvet cover is the best subject for the design of the entire set. It can be sewn envelope as well as a pillowcase, repeating its colors. A duvet cover can be sewn with a neckline in the middle. This cut-out can be done round, square or figured. It is sheathed with the same oblique bake or knitted braid as the sheet.

You can decorate a children’s bed linen suite with lace, embroidery or appliqués. But if you have already used the braid and made a two-color duvet cover and a pillow, this kit is enough. Your grown child will regard the lace as a toddler. And the possibility of embroidery and appliqué will be able to utilize afterwards.

About embroidery a little

On modern sewing machines, it is not difficult to embroider the drawing pleasant to your kid. Apply a pencil picture on the already cut material, adjust the sewing machine on the embroidery and soon you will seem to him a sorceress. Do not use embroidery and appliqués for printed calico. For registration of such sets enough colored ribbons.

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